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Family Day

It’s Family Day in Alberta which means we get a day off. Jesse and I also had Friday off because the school had a PD day. Henry, Jesse and Jada went to the cabin for the weekend and met Bernie, Russ and Jada’s friend Murpy. They went to do a little ice fishing. (Jada and Murpy just like to run around, wrestle, and chase rabbits.) I’ve been putzing around the house giving it a good clean, reading, baking, crafting and going out with Ev to the fabric store. It’s also been a weekend for movies. Ev came over Friday night and we giggled and snorted our way through Johnny English. The kids and I (well, which ever kid happened to be around ) decided on a Lord Of The Rings marathon. We’ve got one left to go but we’re taking a bit of a break, so I’m going to plant my begonias and make a quick supper before we sit down again. Happy Family Day!

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