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Farmer’s Markets

Local Food

 I promised Tamara that I would be posting today and I’ve been out so much that I hadn’t had time to sit with the computer. This evening though, Ev and I went to a little Farmer’s Market on the north end of the city. It was very tiny, but quite fun because most of the vendors were very happy to chat with you and let you know all about their products. At the bakery booth, I had a chance to sample some really nice rye bread made with locally grown rye as well as bringing home a baby brioche. I’ve been wanting to try my hand with those but had never actually tasted it, so now I’ll know how it’s supposed to come out. I bought some freshly milled wheat from a local farmer who is growing heritage grains (used by the bread baker) and if I like it I’m going to buy a big bag of wheat grains and mill it myself at Ev’s house. I do love my bread! Other local stuff I took home was whipped honey (Yum!) an elk garlic sausage (Henry’s going to be sooo happy!) and some cranberry breakfast sausage. Since I’m going to be making deer sausage one day soon I’m looking for ideas. You’d think I would have stopped there but I also brought home two dozen homemade pirogi, a chicken pot pie and a Cornish pastie (which I’m going to have to share with someone. It’s HUGE!!) All that should have been more than enough, but I couldn’t resist one last thing. Cheddar shortbread with a touch of cayenne pepper. It was quite pricey but I have tried to make cheddar shortbread a few times and it’s never quite turned out. I figured this was a good way to find out how it’s supposed to taste. You know so mine will be better next time! Just don’t tell Henry, because I’m not going to share! And now that I’ve made you all hungry and drooly I’m going to say goodnight. 5:30 comes early. . .

*Hmmmm. . . Looks like I may not have done anything wrong when I made the shortbread. I can’t say I like this stuff either. Jesse tried it and didn’t like the taste. Sigh. . . Oh well, you can’t win them all. I guess I’ll share with Henry now. . .

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