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Flowers on a Tiny Mantle

It's Texture Tuesday again and I'm playing with a little arrangement I made for a tiny mantle at the end of my long(ish) narrow hallway.

Today I started my image off in Lightroom, tweaking colour, contrast and clarity.

From there I brought it into Photoshop, adding a french Kiss texture, brushed off the apple blossoms and Wayfaring shrub flowers. I added in a layer stamped with Kim's Mocha Stamp brush and transformed that to fill the image. I dropped the opacity of the layer to 45 percent.

I used curves to spotlight the blossoms, and played with the overall colour by adding Eloise from Greater than Gatsby at 11 percent and then ran the Infinite Color Panel over it all with twice. The first layer at 100 percent and the second at 17 percent.

A few slight tweaks back in Lightroom and I'm done.

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