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Friday Favorites

My Favorite Pinterest board this week.

A sample:

I come across a lot of great reads and videos on the web and I thought it would be fun to share a few on Fridays.

*First up a truly beautiful and inspiring video. I’ll never grumble, snarl and throw my hands up in the air over computer stuff again. . . (well, yes I will, but I’ll watch this again to remind myself about the good in it all.)

*If you, like me, struggle with doing something that’s ‘worthwhile’ or ‘valuable’ outside the mundane everyday.

*Or, harder yet, are in a time of difficult waiting . . . for better health, better family circumstances, a new season in life. This is a powerful message . Both Part one and Part two.

*And . . . because it’s almost summer holidays and I’m sure that there will be at least a few scorchingly hot days ahead (won’t there???) . . . Nine secrets to amazing homemade lemonade.

Have a blessed weekend.

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