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Getting Ready To Sell My Plants!

It’s been pretty quiet at Diary of a Middle Aged Gardener but not at all quiet at my house, which, as you may know, is where {growing} wisdom lives.

I have posts galore still whirling around my head but, as with all ventures that are agricultural in nature, these days I hit the ground running and by bedtime , when it comes to blogging or sleeping, sleeping keeps winning!

Today’s going to be lots of fun though. My friend Marlene and I are off to pick up some fabulous hanging baskets for this Saturday’s Mom 2 Mom sale as well as next week’s plant sale here at my house.

Hoping to blog about today’s adventure but I thought I would leave you with this video I watched the other day. . .

It’s a refresher on the proper procedure for watering plants, brought to you by the Darvonda gang.

Check it out!

And a sneak peak at what’s happening in the greenhouses. . .

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