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Getting Used To ‘Retirement’

Since I no longer drive the school bus or work outside the home I am now ‘retired.’ I have been trying to figure out just what that means in practical terms. Do I spend my days reading and eating chocolate? Wash load after load of laundry everyday? Iron sheets and jeans? Keep tabs on who’s doing what on the soaps?

Retirement means a drop in income and a change in buying habits. It means finding things to do that are inexpensive or. . . better yet, free.

It’s odd how easy it was to get used to running out to pick something up to eat because I was just to busy to cook dinner, but not at all easy to get used to planning for dinner everyday so I won’t run out to pick something up. Yet if I do go the easy route now, I find myself disappointed in the food and annoyed that I spent money I didn’t have to!

I have spent 18 years earning money and now that I’m not, I have the uncomfortable feeling that I am not contributing properly anymore.

Mind you, Henry and the boys are thrilled that I am home full time. Jesse informed me that I seem to be developing a sense of humour. Morgan appreciates the fact that if he comes home for lunch, I will make it for him. Henry’s enjoying my more relaxed, happy attitude so much that he doesn’t even want me starting up a little home business. (more on that another day!)

The thing is, is that the rules have changed. . . ( I stole that profound thought from someone dear to me. . . thanks hey!)

So I have a question for all of you. . .

If you were given the opportunity to do something you loved, but on the teeynist, tinyest budget, while still taking good care of your home and family. . . (also on the teenyist, tinyest budget!)

What would you do and how would you go about doing it?

Feel free to go into great detail!

I have been thinking a lot lately about Jamie Oliver , Adele , and others who are so obviously using their God given talents to the utmost. ( Regardless of whether or not they acknowledge that it came from Him.)

We are all charged to use the talents God has given us, and what I wonder as a wife and mother, (and a somewhat perfectionist, overachiever) is how that fits with family life.

How do we go about figuring out how to best use our talents to God’s glory here in the ‘real’ world with so many things competing for our time and attention?

Let’s start a conversation and let me know what you think or how you’ve made things work in your lives.

In the mean time here are some of the things I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. . .

Fall in the front garden

Dressing up the front entry for a new season

Canning peaches by myself for the first time

They are delicious!

Of course I always love to play with bread!

Adding cheese makes anything better. . .

At least in Jada’s opinion!

One batch of dough made cinnamon buns, butter pan buns, hamburger buns and . . .

Ham and cheese buns. Yum!!

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