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Growing Wisdom’s Grand Opening. . . or. . . A Fling With Spring

It’s finally here!

After months of planning and dreaming, the time has come to add people to that dream. . .

Plants have been started, goods have been sourced. Recipes tested and china sought out. The classroom equipped and the greenhouse scrubbed down.

Website? Check. Business cards? Check. Brochures? Check.

Deep Breath. . .

It’s time to open the doors to {growing} wisdom!

March 22, 23 and 24 (next Thursday, Friday and Saturday) we will be having a Fling with Spring.

Each of those evenings from 7:30 until 9:30, we will immerse ourselves in all things Spring. Check out the newest trends in gardening and plant introductions through a PowerPoint presentation, enjoy a scrumptious garden tea complete with fresh baked goodies, peruse the vintage and upcycled glass flower vases as well as the baby plants that are growing all over the house then head out into the greenhouse and plant up a Stargazer lily bulb to take home with you (no grow lights required) and enjoy the sharing of garden knowledge and ideas.

Regular {growing} wisdom classes are $30 per person with a minimum of four attending. That also includes of course, the opportunity to e-mail me pictures and questions about your garden ahead of the class which gives me the ability to think about and research your questions before the class.

As our Grand Opening evenings will be a little less formal (not to mention the first events held here!) the cost of attending one of the evenings is $20 regardless of how many people are at any one night.

To mark the Grand Opening in an extra special way, we will hold a draw each night with the lucky winner going home with a small gift.

Interested in attending? Send me an e-mail at and let me know which evening you would like to attend or Phone 780-471-5301 Payment can be made when you come. {growing} wisdom is at 10315 163 st Edmonton (in my home, greenhouse and gardens.)

And in the interest of full disclosure. . . We have a live in mascot. . .

Jada, {growing} wisdom’s mascot.

Her bark is worse than her. . . . Oh wait! She doesn’t have a bite. . . but she does have a bark and it’s a little (ahem) loud. In the interest of full, full disclosure. . . I hope to make a video of the evenings to use on my new website. But you’re not camera shy. . . are you?

I’m so excited to be launching this dream and I hope to see you there.

I’ll leave you with a little pre Fling with Spring garden love. . .

In Marlene’s greenhouse a few years ago.

This is not my greenhouse but my friend Marlene’s a few years back. Mine’s a liiiitle smaller!

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