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Happy Valentine’s Day

I got some white dough going before I left for the bus this morning and when I got home I was inspired to do something a little fancier than just three loaves of bread.

In the end I made one loaf of bread, a dozen cinnamon buns and a dozen garlic cheese buns.

Of course the cinnamon buns meant I had to make icing so I decided to make a double batch and gift Henry with a valentines present at the same time.

Henry loves icing on homemade bread and the last time I made it he found all the extra containers I had hidden in the freezer and ate them all!

But his very favorite thing is chocolate icing which I never make because no one else likes it.

So, here it is, Henry’s valentine’s day present. . .

Because after all what better present is there than one made especially for you?

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