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It’s Tuesday and Henry, Jesse and Jada have left to visit our friend Russ out at his cabin. They may sleep over tonight. That leaves Holly at home packing for her move to the coldest city in Canada.

She leaves early tomorrow morning.

Morgan is driving her to the airport as it has become ‘tradition’ for him to see her off.

They have spent a lot of time together in the past year and he’s really going to miss her.


So. To distract myself and be productive at the same time I’m going to spend the rest of my week off scrubbing the house from top to bottom, baking for the freezer and collecting new recipes for quick dinners.

This is to help me stay organized as I plunge into a new gardening season.

This past year I did not garden the way I had hoped.

The loss of my little portable greenhouse and extra work during the spring season meant that most of the plants I had grown from seed were lost. Mind you, the extra work also meant I had extra money to put towards a new permanent greenhouse. A good trade off I think!

Renovating also took up a lot of time.

This year I hope to learn more about gardening on the prairies as I look for more specific garden information on that topic.

I’ve already found some great resources.

Olds College has an entire Hort week every July that sounds fascinating. I may not get there this year but. . .

One of these years. . .

Can you imagine an entire week devoted to something you are passionate about?!

In the meantime, I hope to rejoin the Horticultural society, visit as many gardens as possible, read everything I can get my hands on, and grow things.

I want to grow as many things as I possibly can.

To all of you. . .

I wish you a blessed Happy New Year, and the opportunity to do something you’re passionate about.

See you next year!

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