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Well, we’re off!

We will be spending the end of our summer holidays with good friends at their new cabin.

Jada will experience the pure joy of being a farm dog. Unleashed, playing with the neighbour’s dogs ,who like to drop by from time to time and swimming out after sticks in a nearby pond.

Jesse and his friend C will likely continue work on the fort. (real windows and all!)

Henry and R will be fishing, fishing, fishing and J and I, well. . .

I just splurged on a stack of magazines.

More( Canada’s magazine celebrating women over 40), Country Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens and, as a special treat, Victoria!

I’m bringing chocolate, homemade brown sugar oatmeal cookies, coffee cake and applesauce squares with browned butter icing. ( applesauce courtesy the tree in my back yard)

There will also be books and chatting. Lots of chatting!

Oh, and hotubbing.(better not forget my bathing suit!)

My mom’s moving back next week, so I’ll be helping her get settled.

And then of course, school!

School starts Tuesday morning, so I’ll be up and out early, picking up kids in my school bus.

Work begins on the downstairs bathroom while we’re gone.

Whoo hoo!

So. . .

I’ll see you all again late next week.

Til then. . .

Enjoy the last bit of summer!

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