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Hunting Season

Henry and some friends are off on their first hunting trip of the season tomorrow afternoon.

They will be hunting cow elk, cow moose, deer and bull elk.

I am hoping for elk as I think it is the tastiest of all the wild meats. (Although moose would be my second choice.)

I’m not overly fond of deer as it has a fairly strong taste, even the ones who mostly feed on farmer’s grain.

The guys have permission from a farmer about an hour or so outside the city to hunt on his land and they generally bring back a few small deer during the season.

This trip is all about the bigger game though, and it involves camping out in the bush and other manly pursuits.

To keep toasty warm Henry has felted wool pants and a coat to match.

The pants were a bit long though and he asked me if my sewing machine would be strong enough to hem them.

Yes, yes it was!

Now it was a worthwhile, sensible purchase! ( The machine not the pants. Of course the pants were a sensible, worthwhile purchase!)

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