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I Am Allowed Back At My Desk!. . . And. . . A Snow Globe Inspired Cookie Jar

I am finally allowed to sit normally at my desk again.

The lack of blogging has been solely due to the fact that I couldn’t find a comfortable way to work at my desk until now. . . really. . . it had nothing to do with working my way through an entire series of light and fluffy crime novels Morgan’s friend loaded on to my tablet. . . ahem. I saw the doctor yesterday and things are slowly progressing. The key word being slowly.

At this point my drain is still running fairly fast and it looks like it will be in even longer than the six weeks we had hoped. I have discovered that if I do anything even a little bit quickly not only does my drain bulb fill up fast , fluid starts to leak out around where the drain comes out of my stomach. Not dangerous or anything, just a huge nuisance because if I don’t notice before my bandage is saturated I have to change into a new outfit. . . Ugh!

So, I am trying to slow back down to slow mo. Because the faster my drain goes the longer it is going to take to get it out for good. Quite the incentive to read another fluffy crime novel. . .

However. . . I still want to do something fun to get ready for Christmas and I got some inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens magazine’s special Christmas edition.

This project was perfect for me.

I had everything I needed and it wouldn’t take long at all to do.

So without further ado. . .

A pictorial tutorial for a snow globe inspired (cookie) jar. (You could use any jar you have on hand. I am thinking of doing a few more in mason jars of various sizes.)

My original inspiration used vintage apothecary jars. Way out of my budget. So. . .

I used this jar instead. It normally holds my flour.

For the snow base I used Borax. Ummm. . . Just realized that I was supposed to be Epsom salts. . . Oh well. I didn’t have them and this was about using what I had. (I still can’t drive.) Epsom salts would likely be more sparkly.

I had these from our annual gingerbread house build which we will probably pass on this year.

My cookie jar says salted peanuts 5 cents, which I don’t want but. . .

If I turn it sideways you can’t really see it. It’s all about improvising.

This step got a little dusty and I had to wipe don the inside of the jar with a dry paper towel

The Borax has been sitting around for a while and was rather lumpy so I strained some over top to give a freshly fallen snow effect.

Add a tree. (from the dollar store.)

I added another tree and some figurines. (Also from the dollar store.) And of course I put a red ribbon around the lid

Ta Da!!

On the kitchen counter between the sugars

I thoroughly enjoyed this little project.

Why not try one of your own?

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