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I Am Cheating Today. . .

I was up until three in the morning, looking at web template after web template and trying out template after template, as I try to get my Growing Wisdom site to where I want it to be. I started again this morning and just kept going until I finally felt I was at least getting close to what I wanted.

I am tired!

I tried to nap this afternoon but every time I closed my eyes, all I saw behind my eyelids was a kaleidoscope of flowered patterns, stripes, checks and a myriad of template layouts.


Can’t sleep with my eyes open, can’t sleep with my eyes closed. Ah well, Morgan bought us pizza for dinner and we had movie night early, thoroughly enjoying the new Johnny English movie.

However, I wanted to post something that would inspire, so I am cheating a bit and sharing the beautiful work of one of my nieces. . . She both wrote and sang this song (it’s not quite done) and had the able help of her sister with the filming. (plus, her advice on learning new programs is what kept me trying long after I wanted to just call it quits!)


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