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I’ll Be Outside All Week

At least I hope so! It’s cooler today and the rest of the week is likely to be cooler as well. Still a few degrees above seasonal but. . . It can’t last forever! I’m hoping to spend this week tidying up the garden, emptying the water barrels, cleaning out the greenhouse and then, as a reward, decorating my outside front entry for fall. This is what I did in 2008. That was lots of fun! I do like to do a little something for Halloween as well, as the kids who go to the school across the street enjoy it. Nothing gory of course but I was just bouncing around the web and came across this at Naps On The Porch. Wouldn’t that huge web and spider look awesome on my gazebo?! I’m going to see if I can figure out how to make it because I think the kids would love it! (Okay, so would I!) Once the kids have done their annual pumpkin carving , I’ll have four jack o’lanterns to add to the decor. But now I have to get off the computer and out into the garden or all this fun will never happen! Happy October 18th!

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