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I’m home!

We got home Monday evening. I didn’t sleep all that well and then. . . I had it! That stupid nightmare I’ve had at the end of every summer since I started bus driving. The one I didn’t have this year. I dreamt I was late picking kids up. Over a half hour late. But I was blase'(?) about the whole thing. Until I got lost. Very, very lost. At which point I found myself in some stranger’s house with Jesse and we were sneaking around in the dark. Now I was five hours late picking up the kids. And this time it wasn’t a dream! Until I woke up in a cold sweat at 5:30 Tuesday morning. Ughh! What a way to start the day. My mom came over that day and made and canned 12 quarts of apple sauce from my apple tree. She had already made 24 small jars (12 she kept) while Henry and I were gone. Meanwhile I cleaned like mad and baked bread, buns and cinnamon buns in my new oven. Which works like a dream by the way! Today I have still been cleaning and rearranging my living room, plus I tried out a new stir fry recipe. I’ve got to tell you I may have be ‘cleaning’ for the last 2 days but there is ‘stuff’ everywhere! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to tell you and we had a great time, but, for now, I’m off to bed. Hopefully tonight will be dream free!

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