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I’m Home! Exhausted . . . But Home.

I got back from my adventure late last night.

I had a fabulous time! I spent the majority of it with a camera in my hand.

I spent Friday in Seattle at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with my sister Tamara and her posse of ‘Pink Ladies’ .

I, of course, took the opportunity to eat out with two of my sisters . . .

And was unable to keep my sticky fingers off the flower plugs during the greenhouse tour . . .

I have some amazing pictures and stories to share but . . . right now??? I am in desperate need of a nap! Or possibly even two naps!!

If you can’t wait to hear at least a bit of the story pop on over to my sister Tamara’s blog and check out her post on the Show . . .

See you tomorrow. . . yawn . . .

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