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I’m still here!

Well, I’m still here although I have had absolutely no time to blog as it’s been crazy around here. A small sample. . . We leave for Vancouver tomorrow, Henry and I. Holly’s dentist phoned to say they had a cancellation and would she like to have her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow? Considering how much they’ve been bothering here for the last few months and the fact that all she can eat these days are soft foods she jumped at the chance. Which left me to figure the logistics. Someone must bring her to the dentist where she will go under anesthesia.( This is a girl terrified of needles by the way.) Someone has to stay during the 3 hour procedure. Someone needs to watch her for 24 hours after surgery. I still drive the bus tomorrow morning. I will race home, and take her to her appointment. We will race back home, where I will hopefully have time to throw a few things in my suitcase.. Holly will stay with a neighbour while my mom drives us to the airport. She will then pick up Holly and keep her overnight. Holly won’t be able to work for the rest of the week and I doubt she’ll be feeling that great. I won’t be home with my little girl while she’s going through this AND this is the first time we’ve left the kids on their own for more than one night! Feeling breathless and dizzy? I know I am! Yikes! It’s a good thing I’m going on holidays. To a bed and breakfast. For five nights. Just Henry and I. Whoo hoo! See you when I get back.

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