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I’m still here!

Wow! I just noticed that I haven’t posted since the 11Th!


Well, I’m still here, but with my mom visiting until Saturday, crystal moving home, a back tooth (rather what was left of my tooth) pulled, allergies aggravated by the drywall dust. . . . .

Well, I could go on and on, (couldn’t we all ?) but needless to say I just haven’t had time.

The bathroom is now ready for tile. Hopefully the tile guy will be able to come in the next few days.

Our contractor will be at his family reunion next week and when he gets back we hope to put all the fixtures in.


It is going to look great.

Now I’m off to paint the bathroom before the tile goes in.

This afternoon is a break for fun, as my mom and I will be going to Fort Edmonton this afternoon.

It’s one of my favorite places so I will be taking pictures.(although they may not get posted until next week!)

I hope you are all having a great week.

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