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I’m With Tamara Of Course!

Yes indeed people, I have winged my way to the very sunny (cough, cough) B.C. coast for some much needed sister time.

Since Lisa and Rick are still off lolling around on a fabulous cruise ship, Tam and I have to fend for ourselves for a few days.

We’ve started off our little adventure with a delectable lunch on the balcony of the Seasons restaurant in Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver.

Luckily for Tamra and I who get cold in a heat wave, (unless I’m having a hot flash. . .) we sat in front of a fire and were also blessed with heat radiating from a heater up above us. ( And on the off chance that some one might still be cold, the waitresses came around with blankets for any on who needed it!)

We dined on an exquisite chopp salad made up of tender greens, gold beets, hard boiled eggs, garbanzo beans and olives. (which I know sounds strange and maybe even a little weird, but trust me, it was amazing!)

Tam thoroughly enjoyed the carpaccio but I found it too strong for my liking.

We yakked and laughed while gazing out over the rail at this beautiful view. . .

And because it wouldn’t be a real adventure without dessert we settled in with a cup of tea by the fire. . .

And this gorgeous french lemon tart.

Sigh. . .

Life is good!

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