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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. . . .

Things are starting to happen around here. . .

This Christmas things are going to look a little different under the tree. Retirement and the lack of a second income has resulted in the need to go for homemade as much as possible this year. But what kinds of things can you make for mostly grown children? Morgan begged me not to make pajama pants again as he said his cr**ch still hadn’t recovered from last year. (The things boys say!. . . They were a little. . . ummmmm. . . short waist-ed.) I was stumped and called up Ev to see if she had any ideas. Always one to enjoy a good crafting session, she rushed right over and we spent the afternoon crafting like crazy and I ended up with 5 gifts by the time she had to call it quits.

I sure hope we get a chance to do that a few more times before Christmas. Jesse got rather enthusiastic about setting up the tree later that afternoon so even though it was a bit early for my taste I let him do it. He also put on the lights. . . and the ribbon garland!. Which, although he’s got a pretty good eye when it comes to design type things, I still had to play around with because to me it looked like he just unrolled it and wrapped it around the outside of the tree. There was no ribbon weaving up and down on the various branches, or bits here and there tucked further into the tree. . . Just ribbon wrapped in a spiral around the tree. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to fix it! He was not happy about it! After dinner that evening he and Morgan went out to do a bit of Christmas shopping. When they got home they informed me that I had to go to my room. I assured them that I wouldn’t see anything from the living room but they insisted, so off I went, wondering just what was going on. I heard packaging and rummaging and a whole lot of laughing. What in the world??? “Okay, you can come out now!” A beautifully lit tree greeting me in the darkened living room. But what was this? . . . What was that on the tree??? I came closer. I shook my head, closed my eyes and looked again. . . Yoda?

What in the world was Yoda doing on my tree?? And not just one Yoda but an entire string of glowing Yodas adorned my tree. Sigh. Morgan loves nothing more than loading my tree with quirky ornaments. And Jesse knows just what to say to his brother to egg him on. Payback for messing with his ribbon.

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