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It’s melting!

Overheard on my school bus this morning.

Grade four student to kids around him, ( all involved in a card game at the time)

“Guys, I’m dead! You’ve got to operate on my brain!”

His younger brother, “Okay!”

I laughed, I chuckled, I grinned all the way to school while basking in the warm sun as it streamed through the window.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s post.

For those of you still buried under snow and/or battling frigid temperatures. . .

I’m so sorry!

Please. . . just. . .look away!

Whew! Now that they are taken care of , here it is. . .

It’s melting.

Yeah! I hadn’t really looked at the back yard closely for a while, which you’d understand if I had taken a picture of the entire back yard.

But if I did that, you’d see that dirt is not the only thing that’s being uncovered as the snow melts.

If you know what I mean.

This is the hole Jada is digging to China.

We are not quite sure why she’s digging a hole to China, but we think she’s hoping that Chinese dogs like to play non stop.

Unlike Canadian dogs who generally poop out long before she’s finished!

We’ll get back to you once the hole gets a little closer to it’s destination.

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