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It’s time for Another Adventure!

I just checked in with West Jet. In a little under 20 hours I should be winging my way to yet another adventure!

I’m a home body. There’s no doubt about it. In my day to day life I believe traveling more than 15 minutes to get some where is just way. to. far. Just ask any of my friends who don’t live down the street.

However. I love adventure and travel. If I can travel and find adventure with my sisters, all the better!

There have been numerous adventures over the years. In the early days, when our kids were very young, it usually involved long cold trips at Christmas time and basement floors strewn with pillows, blankets and toys galore. Gingerbread houses were decorated, reindeer were fed and food fit for kings came out of Lisa’s kitchen.

As the kids grew older and money was slightly less tight, I began to go on different kinds of adventures. The kind that didn’t involve my kids.

Lisa took me on a three day cruise one year that took us from Vancouver to Victoria to Seattle and back again. What an eye opener! I would do that again in a heartbeat!

There were trips to the States, adventures in Vancouver, (Granville Island!) an epic trip to China with Tamara and sometimes Lisa or Tamara would come my way and we’d seek out adventure here at home.

I haven’t yet had much chance to adventure with my sister Sabrina, in large part because she’s so much younger than I am, but . . . one of these days!!!

I’m sharing my newest adventure with Tamara and I will say, it’s not for everyone. We’ll be attending Wordsmithy this weekend. Most people upon hearing where we are off to say,(very heartily) ” Good for You! I wouldn’t do it but . . . good for you!” (I’m pretty sure most of them go away shaking their head thinking ” she paid money for that? And calls it a holiday???)

What?! Doesn’t everyone want to spend a week end attending writing lectures and doing homework?


I haven’t been doing much writing in the last few years and that was certainly apparent when I sat down to do the homework that had to be handed in late last week. I’ve got some seriously flabby writing muscles and I sure hope they’ll hold up through the weekend. Have you ever tried to write 25 non cliched similes or metaphors??? No? Give it a try. I guarantee you’ll have a bit less hair by the time you’re done. I’ve got the comb over to prove it.

It’ll be quiet here and probably on Facebook and Instagram as well, unless we find free wifi as we go, but not to worry, I’ve got my camera bag fully stocked and I will be sneaking in practice time every chance I get, so you’ll all get to share in the adventure when we get back.

In the mean time . . . why not take a bit of time to search out adventure yourselves this week? It really can be found where ever you are . . .

Baby octopus. Yum.

photo Dragonflight Photography

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