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J is for Jasmine

I have asthma that is often triggered by certain scents.

Lilies, especially Easter lilies, are a big no-no at my house.

Jasmine is another plant I've kept away from. It's so beautiful, but it's also highly scented, and I didn't want to take any chances.

A few weeks ago, when on the hunt for plant material to use in the alphabet challenge this month, I came across a gorgeous Jasmine plant at Safeway. It was big, the vines wrapped around a hoop, about to burst into glorious bloom, and the price was fantastic.

I couldn't resist her lure and brought her home. I figured worst-case, cut the hoop's flowering vines, use it for a project, and then give away whatever was left to a friend.

The first day the scent was pretty overwhelming, and I put the plant into the studio bathroom and closed the door. On day two, I peek into the bathroom, and she beguiled me into putting her by the window in the editing studio, opening the first few blossoms, teasing with the promise of more.

By day three, I realized that I hadn't had an asthma attack, and the scent didn't seem nearly as strong as it had on day one.

The Jasmine had won me over. She will keep the pride of place in my editing studio as long as she lives. (Which, if you know me, and my skills with indoor plants, may not be all that long)

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