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Jesse and the Double Lolly Caper

Do boys ever grow up I wonder?

This is my boy Jesse. He looks like a man doesn’t he???

I mean, he has facial hair and everything . . .

When I was outfitting my little studio I made a quick trip to Costco and came home with a big bin of double lollies.

I put them in a nice retro glass jar I’d found at Target last summer.

I figured they’d be good bribes rewards for any older kids who might come to the studio.

Very, very few young kids have come to the studio thus far.

Which is why, when Holly and I were in the studio to look at some fabulous new props I had gotten, she found something odd about my lolly jar . . .

Shouldn’t the jar be a little fuller?

She had only had a couple, so why did the jar seem a bit empty???

Upon further investigation . . .

The jar was VERY empty!!! What in the world? JESSE!!! With a sheepish, rather mischievous grin he admitted to the ‘borrowing’ of my double lollies. “But I was going to get you a new bin of lollies . . .” Grown man or ingenious boy??? I leave it to you to decide . . .

Either way, Holly and I laughed our selves silly that night.

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