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Last minute details

Well. . .

I’m getting some last minute things out of the way before I leave.

I had my second hepatitis shot today, picked up another makeup bag and a word search at the dollar store.

I went shopping with my friend Ev and we each bought a pair of shoes while I bought my money belt and a pair of earrings.

Ev also gave me some great fabric that I hope to make into a tote bag before I leave. My chances of getting that done have just increased ,as Henry has taken the rest of the day off and will do the dog walking thing for me. He’s also going to give Jada her bath.

An extra couple of hours right there!

All little, trivial, things but, with each one the anticipation builds.

I’m going to China!

Jenny over at Cottage on Fox Hollow tagged me but I just haven’t had a chance to play the game.

I haven’t forgotten Jenny, but it will have to wait I’m afraid.

I won’t be posting while I’m gone but. . .

I should have plenty of good things to ‘Show and Tell’ when I get back!

I’ m leaving you with a few pictures to remind those of us still waiting for spring that it will come.

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