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Learning Something New

I learned how to crochet scarves last winter using one crochet stitch (single crochet). I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. When I was about nine or ten my Grandma (dad’s side) tried to teach me how to crochet. She was the sweetest woman and incredibly patient. After several hours (at least that’s how it felt. . .) she turned to me, shook her head sadly and said ” I don’t think you are meant to crochet.” So until last year I didn’t even bother trying. Then I came across a challenge on a blog. The blogger said that at the very least every one should know how to knit or crochet a few basics. You know, things that we all use often, like socks, hats, mitts or scarves. I was positive that I would never master the first three but thought I might just manage the scarf. To date I have made five scarves! While in Michael’s a while back I came across a crochet book meant for teens and there was the cutest shawl in there, so I bought the book hoping I would be able to figure it out. I just couldn’t do it! Somehow looking at illustrations of the stitches just wasn’t working for me. However. . . Back when the girls were still in elementary Henry’s mom used to teach a knitting class to the grade five and six girls so I thought she might be able to help me out. I’ll let you judge for yourself how well she did. This is my test piece. I did over half of it myself. . .

It looks like Oma Terpstra was wrong! Now I just have to decide what colour to make the full sized one. I brought back some beautiful wool from the States when I went with Lisa a few weeks ago. Isn’t it great that we can always learn something new? Who knows. . . Maybe I’ll be able to make a hat or mitts after all! Socks though. . . not very likely!

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