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Monday (Evening) Tea

You know how life just.... happens sometimes??

Life happened this past week, so there won’t be a tea post today. I’ll be back next week though, with tea and garden updates!

I’ve been working in the back garden all week, from early morning until late at night.

Finally, at 12:15 am Saturday night (early Sunday morning) I had finished it all and just needed to water my plants in...

As I watered, the thunder started rolling in...

I made it in the house just in time.

Well, almost in time...

I would still have been okay for today’s tea post but then life (and an eight month old puppy) happened.

We had another deluge this morning, and late this afternoon Milo went out in the garden, and Henry found him covered in mud.

He‘d found my new garden.

Many deep paw prints and a freshly dug hole meant something had to be done.

Thankfully Henry’s a handy guy!

Fingers crossed that this will hold him...

It wasn’t all work this week though...

Happy Monday!

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