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Monday Morning Musings . . . I am a Sensible. Sober, Down to Earth Woman.

Updated: May 14, 2020

It’s days like these when I know that, as many mistakes as I made over the years, I still must have done something right. I mean if your grown up kid says “Sure, no problem.” when you ask him to do something rather crazy for your latest class photo assignment, you can’t have been all bad as a mom right?? I’m not allowed to say what the assignment is yet but this is an out take. It was -15C (probably -24 with the wind chill) and this guy was good natured enough to sit in a snowy field in shorts and a muscle shirt with a cold beer in his hand. (His hat, snow-pants and gloves are stuffed in the cooler.)

As I was looking over the photos I took I remembered a conversation I had with Henry a few weeks ago.

He teased me about being a ‘wild woman’. Which I most definitely am not . . .

I told him how sorry I was that he ended up with ‘sensible’ over ‘wild’.

And then he just . . . looked at me. And started to laugh . . .

“Well okay, I know some of my projects aren’t always sensible, but in most things I’m pretty sensible!”

“In your head maybe!” and he laughed even harder.

Then I laughed a bit, looked at him and said “but I am!” He kept laughing. “No, really!!”

The thing is, I really do think I’m pretty sensible. In fact I’ve always believed that I was a sober, sensible, down-to-earth kind of girl.

But, now I’m starting to wonder. As I think about it, I’m pretty sure two people who know me well are rolling on the floor in hysterics right now. (You know who you are !!!)

I’m thinking about some of the things I do that might not seem very sensible or even down-to-earth to other people.

So, I’m curious . . . Do you see yourself the way others see you, or do they say things about you that have you questioning how well they actually know you. Or how well you know yourself??

And . . .if you know me . . . don’t you think I’m sober, sensible and down-to-earth most of the time???

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

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