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More Melanoma Tests. This One will be an Annual Occurrence.

I had my first annual abdominal ultrasound and chest X rays on Friday.

I wasn’t at all worried about it until I was standing at the desk and noticed the phrase on the bottom of my requisition form.

Stage 3 melanoma.


Most of the time I can put that fact right out of my mind but waiting for yet another test brings everything rushing right back again.

I held it all together, determined that this time I would not cry during a test. I was doing fairly well too until it dawned on me that the ultrasound technician was spending an inordinate amount of time on my right side going back over the same areas again and again, while she zipped over the left side in no time. (The left side is were my melanoma was originally found)

I started getting a little nervous and my eyes began to leak a little. I wasn’t crying mind you, just leaking a tiny bit. I may have had to blow my nose too but I think I’m getting a cold . . .

She went out to check the pictures, came back and asked me to sit up so she could take more in that position.

I started sweating. Was it getting hot in here?

Next stop X ray.

What in the world??? A full on xray and then only the right side??!

“All done!” my cheerful technician chirps “You should get the results by late Tuesday.”

I went to the truck and cried. No leaking, just full on chest heaving, snottery nose crying.

I decided to treat myself to a very late lunch from Kentucky Fried Chicken. There is no eating or drinking anything for 6 hours before the test which had was at 3 in the afternoon and I was hungry!

I got home to discover they had forgotten the gravy. The gravy is the best part! My eyes may have started leaking again.

Thankfully Henry was home by that time and insisted we go out for an early supper (with real food) instead. Holly lucked out and got my chicken and Henry and I headed to my favorite restaurant.

Joey’s in Mayfield Common. I love that man! I got the call early this morning . . . All clear. No melanoma detected. Still cancer free!

The prayers of thanksgiving that went up!!

And all the attention to the right side? Well if I had had any sense at all and called my nurse friend Nicole she would have told me that’s where all the organs are . . .

But even then . . . Now I’m off to work on a very large rhubarb leaf grown by one of my neighbors. It’s a beauty!

Stop back tomorrow at lunch time for a new feature Tamara and I are starting.

Travel Tuesdays- Adventures at Home and Abroad.

As you might imagine, mine will likely focus more on the ‘At Home’ and Tamara’s on the ‘Abroad’ but we both firmly believe that adventure can be found anywhere.

Adventure is an attitude not a place on the map.

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