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Movie Night

It’s been a rather crazy summer so far. . . .

I’m always astonished at the way bouts of asthma and unexpected family happenings can cause time to whiz by at the speed of light.

Henry spent two weeks on a ‘roughing it’ fishing trip with friends and, as I am totally incapable of using the great outdoors as my bathroom, (not to mention totally unwilling) I stayed home with the kids and my garden.

I took four days during the first week he was gone to have an ‘at home’ holiday, eating meals in the garden and spending the rest of my time hanging out in my favorite chair, working my way through the stack of books I’d put on the one side and the stash of snacks on the other.

Best ‘at home’ holiday ever! And. . . because my kids and I are rather geeky. . . . (some of us more than others). . .

We spent four (looong) evenings watching The Lord Of The Rings trilogy in Blue Ray. . . extended edition. Those extra minutes really did make a difference to the movie.

I love summer holidays. . .

We’re all about the comfort on movie nights. . .

Although I seem to have gotten the short end of the stick this time!

Jada wouldn’t miss movie night. . . or the possibility of a handout!

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