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Moving Day

A few weeks back Morgan and Holly left the nest and moved into an apartment together.

They hadn’t intended on moving so soon but while checking out the available apartments, they came across one that they loved which also included a reduced damage deposit, tennis courts a gym and a pool(under renovation) and they couldn’t say no.

Reality then set in as they realized that, between them they owned two beds, a couch (which has seen better days!) a TV, two laptops, a stereo, wii, and their personal stuff, like clothes.

They had three weeks to find stuff and no money to do it with.

I figured what we needed to do was to start telling everyone we knew and to have people donate stuff they were getting rid of to the kids, rather than the thrift stores.

It worked fairly well.

They were given dishes, cutlery, towels, a microwave, and an old futon .

My mom did some more downsizing and contributed towels, dishes, a dining table and two chairs and then did some thrift store shopping and came up with lamps, pots and pans,and more dishes. She also hit the discount store and outfitted them with cleaning supplies and various canned foods.

I took them shopping to a warehouse store and made sure they had a good supply of mac and cheese, frozen perogies, juice and canned veggies. ( You know that would be the last thing they would spend their money on!)

Morgan spent a few Saturday’s using cedar left from the fence and stone we scrounged from the Stone/tile wholesaler to make a coffee table and two end tables.

Moving day came and up we went to their new 12Th floor apartment. (yes, thankfully there was an elevator!)

So what do boys do once the big stuff is in place? (video games)

Girls on the other hand. . .

Oma’s dining table looks pretty good in here.

And the view?

Well that was one of the biggest reasons Morgan wanted this apartment.

To bad Holly’s afraid of heights. . .

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