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My Computer’s got a Bug!

My anti virus has been breached!

Going online at the moment is an exercise in frustration. As my computer guy is out of town at the moment I’ve decide to give myself a computer break until I can fix things.

I must confess I’m pretty happy about it though. I’ve got a garden to put to bed, a room to finish painting, what feels like an entire basement to reorganize as Holly moves into Morgan’s old room and my stuff moves into Holly’s old room. Then there’s the cleaning, laundry, bill paying and baking to do.

And Thanksgiving. This weekend it’s Thanksgiving and I’ve decided to treat my self to a reading marathon.

Which will only work if I can stay out of the garden. As I see the glorious day unfolding I’m thinking it might not happen . . .

Play in the garden. . . read a book . . .

Win win no matter what I choose! ;D

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

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