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My Love, Hate Relationship

I had a couple of posts running through my mind today. My first thought was to post about the fact that I managed to make a coffee cake, one which I have probably made well over 100 times, without sugar! And it took me a while to figure out just what went wrong with it. Then I thought perhaps now was the time to blog about garden building in unlikely places, but. . . I got sidetracked. By technology . . . Again! My kids (and poor Ev) can tell you that I have a long way to go when it comes to finding my way around new computer programs and other computer type things. I have recently gotten my old desktop refurbished, bought a new screen (okay largish TV) and a new keyboard and mouse. I’m still kicking myself for not buying wireless, but it was $40 more and I figured I had to draw the line somewhere! ( Ev is probably killing herself laughing at that statement right now. . . ) A few weeks back Jesse taught me how to make a power point presentation and I presented it to a class at the Ladies Night out using a projector borrowed from the school. Thankfully we set it up in the afternoon because it took quite some time for him to figure out why it wouldn’t work. Had my brother-in-law R not been at school to offer his expert advice there would have been no presentation. (which, all things considered, would have been unfortunate.) I have a somewhat love, hate relationship with technology. I love all the cool things you can do with it but I hate how complicated it can be. Having trouble with the projector made me pretty uptight. I have seen my sister Tamara struggle with projectors and computers when putting on various presentations over the years and the thought that that was going to be happening to me over and over kind of freaked me out. ( Tam has it all figured out now though. Presentations run smooth as clock work for her these days.) I am teaching a class at our garden club next week that has a hands on bulb forcing portion and a power point that needs a projector. Ev suggested I could borrow one somewhere. Nerves instantly kicked in. This would be a different machine and I wouldn’t have Jesse to help me. What if I couldn’t figure it out? Disaster! Only there wasn’t a machine to be had. Disaster of a different kind! What to do, what to do? I did the only thing I could do. . . I bought my own. Which meant I spent the afternoon researching projectors and then ran all over the west end trying to find one that I had actually researched! In the end, I took Morgan with me, spent more than I had hoped for and came home with a very nice, easy to use projector. Whoo! Hoo! Morgan spent the next few hours showing me how it and other computer mysteries worked. He threatened to charge me a consulting fee. . . Which is why Ev got a call earlier this evening, when I couldn’t figure out how to load pictures on my new computer. ( had to download Picassa even though I have Photoshop. Who knew?) Ev is my other go to person when it comes to techie (and marketing) stuff. I’m pretty sure there are days she wishes she was charging me a consulting fee! I should probably just give her her eggs for free. And anything else I can think of. . . . It took me all afternoon and evening, but I am finally settled in with my new computer, blogging and ready to put a killer power point together.

I love technology. . .don’t you?

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