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My To Do list

I don’t know if any of you are list makers, but I like my To Do list.

I haven’t been making one for the last few months and when I don’t. . .

Well. . . everything starts swirling around in my head, it gets hard to sleep, and I feel as though I never get anything done.

With a TO Do list though. . .

I make a huge (but not too huge) list of things To Do and get the satisfaction of crossing things off as I do them. Of course half the time I forget to put things on my list. No problem, I just add them to the list as I do them and then cross them off!

There is nothing as satisfying as a list full of crossed off ‘things to do’. ( Well yes there is, but it does feel very good to look at that list!)

I have just started making two lists, a weekly one and a daily one. I put everything on those lists, even making the bed. When the end of the day finds you looking around, wondering just what you’ve accomplished . . . look at the list!

Make the bed-X, do dishes- X, fold laundry- X, make dinner -X, walk the dog- X, water plants- X, pick up dry cleaning -X, pick up passport- X.

Man, I am amazing!

The trick is, of course, to make your list at least somewhat realistic.

Because if you don’t , the last thing you will feel is amazing.

Which kind of defeats the point.

On that note, I’m off to conquer a few more things on the list. . .

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