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New Interests

I know, I know!

I’ve been rather quiet again, but the thing is. . .

Well. . .

I’m developing new interests.

And they are time consuming!

One of my new interests is growing food. We revamped the back garden this spring to add more food and we’ve been enjoying strawberries and honey berries along with these lovely little items. . .

The little fingerling potatoes were grown in pots. I also have several plants in the ground and so hope to enjoy several more meals with home grown potatoes.

For dinner tonight we had broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes from my garden and lettuce and a patti pan squash from Ev’s garden. Add some ham and a jar of applesauce which we canned last fall and. . .


Although, Ev, we found the squash rather disconcerting.

I mean it doesn’t really have a whole lot of taste ! (Mind you Jesse thought that when he had it raw it kind of reminded him of peppers.)

I decided to fry it as I didn’t think Henry would eat it raw. I sliced it, dredged it in flour with salt and fresh black pepper and then fried it in butter with a little garlic.

The disconcerting part was the texture! I mean it was soft and smooshy and you were waiting for a horrible taste to follow.

Only. . .

It didn’t! It just had a mild hint of garlic taste!

Odd, very odd.

I might have to try stuffing them and then baking them. I’m thinking that cheese would be a good match.

Adventures in food continue. . .

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