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Officially Open For Business. . . Or. . .The Plant Sale Begins. . .

It’s been crazy busy around here, as you might well imagine. . . But, with a little help from my niece Rebecca (or, as you may know her, Opera Diva ) everything is up and running here at {growing} wisdom’s plant sale.

I am thrilled to report that things are flying off the shelves (aside from the vegetables. . . any vegetable gardeners out there?) but, not to worry, there’s still lots to choose from.

Now, because my house has received little attention in the past few weeks beyond washing dishes when we had to resort to serving bowls for our cereal in the morning and doing laundry when Henry’s clean underwear started looking like a valid option for me . . . .

This will be a picture post. . .


A handy husband is such a blessing!

My poor sign lost one of it’s sides. Waiting for Jesse to fix that.

Without Rebecca I would never have gotten all the plant labels done! A job like this is much more fun if you are doing it with someone else. Thanks Rebecca!

Still need a few plants? Drop by any time during this next week. . . .

I’d love to see you.

Don’t forget to check out the Shop before you come, to see what’s available.

* Closed Sundays and early on Friday (4:30pm) as Henry’s mom and dad are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary

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