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One of Those Days

I’m having one of those days.

One of those days when life’s aggravations have me wishing I could have a good old fashioned two year-old temper tantrum, with lots of foot stomping, fist clenching and high pitched shrieks.

Aggravations like finding the toilet paper roll empty again! (stomp!!), a piece of dog kibble falling on the floor while filling her bowl (clench!) and realizing that, far from removing the huge pile of snow and ice in from in front of your house, the grader is making the pile twice as high as it was before!! (Shriek!!)

Sigh. .

My hormones are on the rampage again.

The thing is, I am tired of letting my hormones control the way I feel and behave.

A few months ago I resolved to get through days like this with Dignity, Grace and Humor.

So I pray. A lot. On a day like today, when I can hardly stand to be around myself, I am so thankful that, no matter how many times I call out, God is there. Right beside me.

I should have left well enough alone.

I should not, when that immense puddle came into view, have even considered giving myself a bit of joy by swerving my bus just a little to create an exciting puddle splash.

The resulting deluge of muddy water had me frantically searching for high on the windshield washer button.

Dignity and grace are obviously long gone. . .

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