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Our little Getaway

We’ve been home for over a week now so I had better fill you in on our little getaway before I start to forget what happened!

We went down to British Columbia’s Frazer Valley to attend the wedding of my lovely niece Mini Me ( aka Tamara’s daughter.)

As many of you may know, if Tamara is going to do something, she’s going to throw her heart and soul into it. I figured she might want a little help, so Henry and I went a few days early.

The question arose as to where we might stay while we were there.

Henry and I will be celebrating our 24Th anniversary next month and we had never left the kids for much longer than a day and a night. On this trip we would be gone five days and nights!

I thought it would be nice to spend a few days at a bed and breakfast.

While I was down for my youngest sister’s wedding, Tamara and I checked out a five star B&B close by.

It was amazing. The beds were sky high, the house had been a Travelers Inn, since I don’t know when (was it over a hundred years Tam?)and breakfast was to be a dining experience.

But, oh the cost!!

At that rate all we could afford would be a two night stay and you’ve got to know there is no way I could eat $20 worth of breakfast every morning! (Henry could have though. . .)

We went home and I started checking out the local hotels.

Tamara, as usual came up with a winner.( with most of the glory going to her sister-in-law Darlene!)

Because Darlene knew someone. Someone in the process of starting a B&B.

In historic Fort Langley. How charming is that?

After chatting with Marilyn ( our host) I was thrilled to discover that due to the many discounts she came up with for us,(one of which was because we were her first guests) we would be able to stay for the entire 5 days! In her suite called The Nest!

It was a lovely place to stay. We were in a separate suite that was reached by going up the stairway in the main hall.

The decor was quite inspiring and at the same time cozy. ( It made me feel as though I was in an artist’s retreat.) Many different paintings and sketches hung on the walls. You knew that our hosts collected as there was evidence throughout the suite.

Those furs are real people!

A delicious breakfast was brought up each morning and left on a trolley outside the door.

Henry did not have to complain about being hungry after these meals! ( I tried to be artistic when I took this picture. I think I fell a little short don’t you?)

How cute is this?!

This suite had a large bedroom, dining area, living room, bathroom and a bit of a kitchen. And I can’t forget the lovely gas fireplace that we found lit each evening when we came home, or the baking left to snack on. . .

Henry was sick on Sunday, so as I left for church I left a message telling our host not to worry about the room that day. She was up there before he knew it, asking if he would like some soup or an electric blanket to keep him warm on the little balcony!

I know she had a few things she still wants to work out , but for us it was wonderful!

Of course the very best thing about it all was being able to spend all that time together, without the kids.

I mean I love them but. . .

This was bliss. ( Although I had a very hard time not phoning home. But I didn’t. Until the day we left. But that’s another story.)

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