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Out Done By A Senior Citizen (again!!)

Ev and I are putting on our annual seed party tomorrow night. As we are working to have people become more involved in our community, we decided to open it up to everyone and hold it in our community hall.

To get the word out Ev made an announcement in the community league section of the Jasper Place news paper and I wrote an article letting people know what to expect and how much fun we all have.

We wanted to make sure everyone knew about it and decided to send out flyers as well. We had 250 printed up, she took some and I took the rest assuring her that I would easily get the delivered while walking Jada. I’d make it doable by delivering over a few days.

Uh Huh. . .

Easier said than done!

I had now idea how much work it would be to run up and down all those stairs dragging Jada behind! (Although she did get better at it once she realized what we were doing.)

Two days of walking and delivering left me with a huge stack of flyers, sore muscles and a bad case of exhaustion. ( Be nice. . . don’t forget about all the chaos going on at the same time!)

Mom phoned me on Friday morning to see how things were going and I whined about how hard things were.

She offered to deliver some of the flyers for me.

I was thrilled!


She was gone a long time. . .

Two hours later she finally showed up, every flyer delivered.

For crying out loud!

My senior citizen mother had delivered more than three times the flyers I had and it had taken me two days to do it!

Mom can out garden, out can (food), and now out deliver me!

Sigh. . . I’m such a wuss.

And Aunty Nancy. . .

Please don’t tell her that I called her a senior citizen!!

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