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Ruby. Newborn Photography.

Updated: May 15, 2020

I had sweet little Ruby in the studio just after Christmas along with her mom, dad and big brother Abe.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a newborn and a few things became obvious fairly quickly. My studio space isn’t quite large enough, (mom, dad and Abram hung out in the rather chilly hall while my assistant (and dear friend) Nicole and I worked in the studio) and poor little Ruby wasn’t feeling quite herself that day.

Newborns can go through growth spurts, feel a little gassy, or would prefer to be at home in their own bed rather than hanging out with a photographer who snuggles them to sleep and then starts messing around, trying to get them into the ‘perfect’ position . . .

What’s up with that?!

Big brother Abe was a sweetheart and thoroughly enjoyed climbing up on the box to pose for me. He would have been fine if we had skipped Ruby altogether! ;D

In the end, we decided to bring Ruby back another day and have dad and Abe stay home. I brought all my gear upstairs into my much larger office space and we did the shoot in there instead.

So much better.

A big thank you to Ryan and Cindy who were so laid back through out this process. I know it can hard work getting out with a new baby and a toddler, especially in the winter! Thanks for letting me snuggle and play with your little ones.

How adorable is this sweet face?!

Check out their ‘Welcome to the Family’ video. (click on the little cog in the lower right corner, then click on 720 to watch it in HD)

I love being able to add video clips to still photos . . .

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