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Sharing a Foodie Day with my Sister

Updated: May 14, 2020

My sister Lisa was up visiting her in-laws a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen her since last summer so it was wonderful to get the chance to get together in person. (Thank goodness for FB and texting!)

I’ll take any excuse to plan an adventure and what better reason than a day out with your sister?

Lisa’s not a gardener as I am and I’m not a champion bargain hunter like she is (Lisa bought Holly’s gorgeous wedding dress for $100!!). That meant our adventure couldn’t include garden centers or shopping centers.

That’s not really a problem though, because we share another love that we inherited from our dad and his parents.

Food. Interesting ingredients, like the cinnamon our sister Tamara brought back from the markets in Vietnam, or the vanilla Lisa and her husband bring back from trips to Mexico, get our creative juices going. Handy tools and unusual baking pans get our heart racing.

So we knew what kind of adventure we wanted. A Foodie day . . .

First up on the agenda was a visit to Duchess bakery. Lisa had never been and I use any excuse I can to go back.

Have you ever been? If you haven’t you are missing out on some of the best food I have ever had. Even Lisa, who has traveled the world, said the same.

My favorite, even though I love all kinds of baked goods, is actually their quiche. It is lovely and custardy and just . . . sigh. So.delicious.

We spent a little time in their store next to the restaurant where Lisa got inspired, I bought a jar of salted caramel sauce and we went home to bake apple crisp.

We didn’t bake any old apple crisp though. We baked beautiful, individual apple crisps that I could freeze and bring out when special company came over.

And oh . . . how tasty they were topped with Chapman’s french vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce.

All in all, the perfect foodie adventure. I can’t wait until the next time we get together!

Thanks for a fabulous day sis! I can’t wait until next time!

Check out the video for the full experience . . .

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