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I hate to shop.

I love beautiful clothes but I hate to shop for them.

Which, all things considered, is a little odd.

My mom LOVES shopping!

My sister Lisa not only loves to shop, she can also spot a bargain both at home and abroad.

My sister Tamara shops for business. (And pleasure!)

Not me.

My wardrobe was in serious need of help.

So I called in professional help!

Holly came shopping with me. Not only does she have a great sense of style she is also a manager at a clothing store.

Which makes her a professional.

We hit the mall and didn’t leave until I had every thing I needed.

I am now well stocked in underwear, have two pretty tops for everyday (or dressy), one beautiful blouse (which I discovered was silk once I got home), a rose printed scarf, and a new pair of shoes!

It took four hours ( four hours that flew by because we had so much fun!) and I shouldn’t have to shop again for a few years!


Thank you Holly!!

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