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I did a little shopping today.

I’ve been getting that decorator feeling lately. It always happens when the days start getting longer. I think it happens at this time of year, because I know that in a few months I will spend very little time inside the house.

You know. . .

Because I’ll be outside. . .

In the garden. . .

But for right now, check out what I found at Winners…

The chairs were on sale. $22 instead of $59.99. Not bad hey? I feel like my sister Lisa. ( The queen of sales!)

The only problem is the colour. I’m afraid they don’t quite go against the white.


They would look great in the living room but there is no room for them.

But look at the rattan. I love rattan!

Oh well, they can always go in the garden when I have a party.

I bought something else. It wasn’t on sale.

But at $16.99 who could resist?

I just love it!

Some shopping can be fun.

As long as it doesn’t involve clothes. (shudder!)

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