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Silver lining

When I started this blog, it was my intention to post primarily about gardening.

You may have noticed that has not been the case lately.

I’ve been very focused on renovating, organizing and purging inside the house.

The reason I’m doing this, is so that when I get involved in a project (gardening or otherwise) my house won’t fall to pieces, or if it does, it can be quickly put back together again. (At the moment it often takes a week of effort to get back to normal after a big project.)

But . . .

Something big gardenwise( Is that a word?) is on it’s way! I’m not going to tell you what it is, that’s a secret for now, however, I think gardening is starting to edge out the house again!

What do you think I have in the back of my Suburban!

My dad called yesterday from Jasper.

He’d been having trouble with the semi he drives.

The semi full of Darvonda mums!

Some of them had fallen over, breaking the pots. Would I like to meet him once he got to the city?

Could I bring a little muscle to help move the carts around and take out the broken pots?

Jesse was happy to help out Grandpa.

Off we go.

So what was the silver lining in this unfortunate incident?

Lots of yellow mums!

A whole truck full!

This is their temporary home while I look around and decide where they are going.

I’m back in the garden.

Thanks Tamara!

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