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Something To Watch While We Wait For Spring. . .

I came across this fabulous series on You Tube a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure where I came across it but I think it was most likely over at Jenna’s.

If you have ever dreamed of the ultimate kitchen garden, you will love The Victorian Kitchen Garden. It’s a BBC production that recreates a walled Victorian kitchen garden, following it through an entire year.

I have always dreamed of growing a kitchen garden (and I have done it in a small way), or even better, a market garden.

When the kids were young Eliot Coleman and his wife Barbara Damrosh had a garden show that covered all sorts of great ways to grow vegetables (and flowers) organically. I loved how Eliot would come up with ways to work smarter, not harder and I dreamed that one day I would have a market garden just like his.

It took me a long time to figure out where my love for organic, local and ‘hippy dippy’ things came from. The light bulb finally went on last year as I realized that I had soaked up more than the brewer’s yeast we found beside our breakfast plates at my Aunty Jenny and Uncle Henk’s small farm and market garden.

Mind you, if either of them heard that I used the word’s ‘hippy dippy’ in relation to them, they would have a fit! But in my defense. . . Carob instead of chocolate, goat’s milk ice cream instead of cow’s (I’m pretty sure they noticed that my uneaten cone melted all over my plate), alfalfa sprouts growing in the window, lentils in the soup, homemade brown bread, fresh honey. . . .

‘Hippy Dippy’!

At least, that’s how Jesse lovingly labels all my efforts and I surely didn’t get it from my parents!

Somehow, without realizing it, I have tried to recreate some of that life style.

I love you Aunty Jenny and Uncle Henk! (but I still don’t like goat’s milk! Or carob. Or brewer’s yeast.) Hmmmm. . . I’m afraid they’ll be sadly disappointed in me. . . (Aunty Nancy and Uncle Ben did a few things in that line too. . . but don’t tell them that I still can’t eat rabbit!) Looks like my ‘Hippy Dippy’ ways may have been inevitable. . .

So, if any of you want to indulge in a little kitchen garden dreaming, check out the first part of The Victorian Kitchen Garden’s Introduction video. The whole series is on You Tube. I’m up to May.

Enjoy. . .!

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