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Spring In Alberta

Spring is Alberta can be elusive. Fickle even.

One day the sun shines, the snow begins to melt and your heart warms.

Spring is here!

Then the snow begins once again.

There are days, weeks even, where you become convinced that this is the year we will skip spring altogether. Go straight from winter into summer.

Some years . . . it has nearly done just that.

The trick is to look closely . . . and quickly. Spring shows herself here in Alberta, you just have to know what to look for.

What is more fun in the spring than ‘crack ice???’

Catching a few warm rays on a bench overlooking the river valley?

Jada’s not too sure about that.

Her favorite spring activity is looking for the best grass to graze on once the snow starts receding. (We’ve tried to tell her she’s a dog not a cow . . . but . . . somehow. . . when it comes to just the right kind of grass, she doesn’t seem to care!)

Of course you can’t find spring without looking every where. Jada likes to keep a close eye on the path leading to the river . . .

Spring comes slowly most years . . . but it always comes. And the snow leaves.

And the flowers arrive.

The forecast for this week is wonderful. Temperatures are finally on the rise. Plants are moving into the greenhouse today and, if I have a few spare minutes, I’m going to snip back a few of those tired looking, dried out iris leaves in the front garden.

It’s time to make room for a new gardening season.


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