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Step by Step: How to plant a Moss Basket

how to plant a moss basket

As promised on Friday, today’s post brings together Superstore, flowers, moss and a feminine hygiene product.

A while back I was approached by a lovely lady representing Superstore’s garden center asking if I would be interested in reviewing some of their new plant introductions for this year.

“Hmmm . . . you give me free plants, I get to try them out and tell my readers how I used them and how well they did in my garden???”

I answered the only way an avid gardener could . . . Yes! It was rather late in the season when we got this all sorted out so I had everything planted up already, but no gardener worth her salt would let that stop her.

I had been tossing around the idea of showing you just how I plant up my moss baskets and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

From Superstore’s garden center I received three Dahlinova Hypnotica ‘Tequila Sunrise’ annuals (One of which I used in this post) as well as the cutest little ‘Pixie Grape’.

What follows is a step by step pictorial tutorial (ahem) on how to plant a moss basket.

* warning to all men and proper women . . . a feminine hygiene product was used in the making of this tutorial . . . (and I still can’t believe I am going to post this anyway. I am seriously, one of the most proper women I know. . .)

*Gather the supplies: I used a wire basket, however you could use any wire container. I bought a bag of sheet moss from a floral wholesale but it is also available at most garden centers. For plants I used my Superstore dahlia as well as a seriously marked down sage plant and a six pack of alyssum. You will also need a plastic garbage bag, scissors, gloves if you use them and (wince) a maxi pad.

Step 1: Line your container with sheet moss.

Step 2: cut small holes in the bottom of your plastic bag and put that in the container once the moss is in.

Step 3: Here’s where the maxi pad comes in. . . and if you find this too weird you do have other options. I just didn’t have anything else on hand that day. It helps to hold water in the basket a little longer.

Option one is the water holding crystals you can purchase in many garden centers. I don’t think there is likely to be much difference from brand to brand

Option 2 is to pull apart the insides of a (clean) diaper as the materials in there work in much the same way as the crystals. Either of these can be mixed with damp soil. Just make sure you hydrate the crystals first if you use them.

I was out of crystals and as my youngest is 20 . . . long past the diaper stage. But maxi pads work this way as well.

Step 4: I cut it in half and folded the wings back. I didn’t bother to pull them apart and mix them with the soil.

Step 5: Place on the bottom of the basket making sure you don’t cover the drainage holes.

Step 6: Fill with potting mix.

Leave room for plants


Step 7: Plant so the top of the plant is slightly below the top of the basket. Plant too high and water will run out over the top of the basket rather then sinking in.

Step 8: Add in your other plants. Don’t hesitate to cram them together a bit. As they will only be in this basket for a season and not all year, this will work just fine.

Step 9: Water thoroughly. Better yet, have the soil moist before you plant and then water. Much more efficient. I was in a hurry . . .

Step 10: cut off the exposed plastic.

Step 11: Tuck in between moss and soil.

Step 12: Soak smaller pieces of moss in water and squeeze out a bit. Cover the top with the wet moss making sure to cover the edges and exposed soil. This helps the soil in your planter stay damp.

Step 13: Find a lovely place to put your planter in the garden and enjoy!

*just make sure to keep it watered. Even with the plastic bag a smaller basket like this can dry out fairly quickly. How pretty is this dahlia? I can’t wait to show you what I did with my other goodies . . .

Thank you Superstore!

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