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Still Not Done!

Last week I told Holly I was almost done planting and would begin to blog regularly again by Friday. That obviously didn’t happen! The weather wasn’t really cooperating and I was blessed with the opportunity to cook dinner for my sister Lisa, her husband, two daughters, one ‘special friend’ and a couple of grand kids. Sarah also had her grad that day so I tried to make a beautiful table setting for her, Morgan and their friend A who came up for the grad. Oh and of course mom and Crystal came as well. I’d show you pictures but I was so busy getting the meal out that I totally forgot! Saturday the weather wasn’t great so I had no choice but to hang out inside reading, crocheting and snoozing. It was a pretty tough day. . . I really am nearly finished planting. Unfortunately last week we had 2 nights close to freezing and one that dropped below zero taking me by surprise. I lost half my basil and 4 tomato plants. So I moved the pots I had planted back into the greenhouse and held off on planting the last three. Really if I put in a few hours I could have everything done. Which was the plan for tonight. But then the thunder and rain started. . . Which means no garden pictures either! I have high hopes for tomorrow. . . I’m sure I will finally get everything planted. Of course if I keep bringing home new plants like I did today, (How can I pass up those beautiful Darvonda plants?) I will never get done! Sigh. Some days I think I may be just a little. . . well. . . crazy. But in a good way. . . Don’t you think???

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