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Summer fun

I was going through my files on the computer this morning and came across these pictures and decided to share them.

This is my dear second daughter who will probably kill me if she finds out I posted these pictures! She hates having her picture taken. I just love this one though. Hmm…. wonder what Jada’s thinking?? Hoping for droppage perhaps?

I think Jada’s still hoping!

Yes Henry, the fire pit was a good idea. It is a great way to spend the evening and having friends over makes it even better. However I still think it should have been smaller! You haven’t brought home a 20 lb+ salmon in a long time. (he likes to bake them whole, over coals)

Here’s my oldest son. What is he wearing on his feet? Oh… those are hubby’s ancient mukluks.

Very stylish!

This is also a view of my garden early last spring before my mom and youngest son dug and weeded it. You should see it now. Well, maybe not right this minute… it’s covered in snow. Don’t worry though I will be showing you the garden all through the year.

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