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Summer To Do list

I made up a To Do list before my summer ‘holiday’ (ha!) began.

At the top of the list was sorting and purging the entire house. (I never said my To Do list was realistic.)

Bathroom renovations have made this impossible until now since I was to busy shopping.(ugh)

Earlier this week I finally found time to at least make a start.

I decide to start with ‘my’ room. I redecorated it over the Christmas break a couple of years ago and called it the garden room.

The kids however just call it the computer room. (For obvious reasons.)

As you can see I was hard at work until a passing tail caught my eye.

Oh look. Jada’s friend Diesel has dropped by to visit.

What are the two of you up too?!

No wrestling in the house! Sigh.

So. . .

What’s on the agenda for today?

After having been awaking by the doorbell and Jada’s frantic barking at 5:30 this morning,( someone sent a cab to the wrong address) I’ve cleaned my kitchen ( no way am I showing you pictures of the before on that one!) and I had breakfast in the front garden.

As all the commotion woke Henry up early, he took Jada for her morning walk giving me more time to work (not too sure that was a favour.)

I’m working in the basement today, which considering how hot it’s going to get, is probably a good thing.

I had started putting together these new storage shelves and then realized that if I put them up, my contractor wouldn’t be able to get stuff downstairs once he started working on that bathroom (early next week?)

This makes organizing all the ‘stuff’ in the hallway much more difficult and means I have no choice but to do the one job I’ve be avoiding.

Cleaning out the cold room under the stairs.

There is no picture of this room as I’m convinced that the smell of whatever has died and/or is rotting under there would come at you through the computer (it’s that bad!)

I just couldn’t do that to you. It’s bad enough that I have to do it! (shudder!)

See that bit of purple at the end of this hall? It’s the doorway to what used to be Crystal’s room.

Looks like Jesse has a To Do list of his own!

Someone’s happy to take the wall down.

Finally. His room will be larger than a small closet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

* Update

I’m a coward! I still haven’t opened the door to the cold room. I’m cleaning everything but!


I’ll let you know when I’ve conquered my fear.

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